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Weekly Blu-ray releases; May 11, 2010

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on 11 May 2010

This week's Blu-ray onslaught contains a few gems worth looking in to if you have the cash to spare, including classic 1980s outing The Karate Kid and its sequel. Take a gander at the full line-up below.

May 11th Blu-ray releases:

Daybreakers - $24.99

Edge of Darkness - $19.99

The Edge - $18.49

Hand 'Em High - $18.99

The Karate Kid I & II boxset - $27.96

Legion - $22.99

The Magnificent Seven Collection - $51.99

The Man In The Iron Mask - $18.99

Marked For Death - $21.49

Robin Hood: Men In Tights - $19.99

Rock 'n Roll High School - $24.99

PSU's Weekly Pick(s):

The Karate Kid I & II are absolute classics so we definitely recommend picking up the boxset if you can afford it. Elsewhere, The Man In The Iron Mask makes for some ideal family viewing if you are buying for a household of all ages, while Vampire romp Daybreakers should satisfy horror fanatics.