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PSU: A look inside Move, as told by video

on 11 September 2010

Today we received a review kit for the PlayStation Move. The package included a PlayStation Eye, two Move controllers, and several games, including Sports Champions, which will be included in Move bundles when it is released next week.

If you are a regular visitor of PlayStation Universe, you probably know the writers use the inclusive term, “we.” In the coverage of Move, I’m going to deviate from our standard protocol and write mostly in first-person to give this all a more personal feel.

Below is an impromptu video I shot after I opened the package today. In the future I’ll do a bit more editing, but I figure most people like to see raw, uncut footage docudrama-style. I apologize in advance if I sound, look or act like a total moron, but that’s the price I pay for posting videos online.

I’ll have a lot more coverage this weekend and next week, including more video tutorials and demos.

OK, feel free to laugh now, and sorry if the quality is not the greatest.