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05-13-2008, 23:05

some tidbits:

SHANE: Wow, Epic has really optimized the hell out of its engine for Gears 2. The character models sport a serious amount of detail, the trees look insanely good, and the overall scope of this level is massive. That said, I wish they hadn't shown an on-rails stage. Not a lot of variety or freedom of choice here, but hell, it's a nice showpiece.

GARNETT: Ok, so just asked Cliff how they're going to handle build up since they dropped so much already by this point -- level 2. He says one, they'll have to some MUCH bigger enemies. Ok, duh, I guess, but he then tells me that in the next level they introduce a new small locust who's big task is to set roadside improvised explosive devices to knock out the advance of the derricks -- ripped from Iraq?