View Full Version : Sayswap partnership needs to change.

05-15-2008, 19:23
To the powers that be.

The sayswap partnership was a good idea in theory. Connect us to a site where we can trade games.

However, sayswap is a piece of junk site in my opinion. They charge 5 dollars per trade, but you can never trade anything. They have a point system that encourages sending games for points, but does not force it in any way. So people who send games are not guaranteed to receive anything, ever. So you end up with a stack of points that no one wants.

On top of that, the site is rife with off board traders and scammers, and the game point values are poorly assigned. A PS3 launch game is worth the same as the latest PS3 game, and there is no scaling of value based on demand and supply. Also, once a game is set as available, there is nothing forcing someone to send it. It just sits there.

I suggest we switch over to goozex.com. It is a similar site, but it has a few major improvements. It only costs 1 dollar to get a game. It adjusts the point values based on supply and demand (early PS3 games are less than half the points of the latest ones). And also, and most importnatly, it mandates trades. Once a match is made, the sender is required to send a game in exchange for points. This way even if you send for points, you are sure that you will also receive a game for those points quickly. Finer details like que ranking also gives you a rough idea of how long it will be before its your turn to trade (days or several weeks) based on the popularty of the title you request.

In the past few months, I have done 2 trades on SaySwap. In the past few weeks alone I have done 4 on Goozex. Same games listed on both sites, on both my want and have list move faster and more efficiently on goozex.