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03-04-2006, 06:09
I rented Black, and its pretty cool, but the destruction is very limited. Most of the time when you shoot stuff, the game just paints a big mark on the wall, instead of a small one like in Timesplitters. Some walls blow up, but theyre all scripted to blow up, which seems contrived. The smoke effects are awesome, and the gun sounds are great. Shootouts feel exhilerating and crazy. This game has excellent sound effects, and the graphics are awesome, but not quite as good as Killzone. The gun models are outstanding, and the environments look great, but the enemies are not quite as detailed as I would like. The "painted" destruction can look bad when you get close up as well. The particle effects, fire, smoke and glass are all sweet though. I liked the City Streets level, because it was focused and had lots of battles. The border crossing level wasn't too fun, it felt like your typical FPS. This game reminds me of Cold Winter and Goldeneye because you can run and gun, which is fun since youre like the Terminator. The enemies are kinda dumb on Normal, but they're no worse than the dumbest Killzone a.i.'s, but they don't feel as fun to shoot. Sometimes they sneak up on you, but they arent very good shots or tough to defeat, despite the fact that it takes a bunch of shots to bring them down. I like filling up guys with lead and watching them flop around. I may be spoiled by Far Cry's ai. Shooting the pistol feels blah, and the shotgun is decent, but I love shooting the AK47 in this game. I hold down the trigger and its like a bullet hose. Its the 3rd most enjoyable gun to shoot in a game besides the M4 and P90 in Far Cry (I like the sound effects for these guns more). I want to try the other weapons but i only made it to the Border Crossing level. Black is also a long game, because the missions are tough and theres lots of secrets, and secret objectives to unlock. There is plenty of substance if you like to replay your games. I think its cool and worth buying, and I'll get it when I can afford it. I think that Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is higher on my priority list though, because a) MGS3:S is gonna be insanely good and b) MGS3:S is probably gonna be impossible to find 6 months after its release. Trust me, try to find Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. Thank god i got that little gem. Black is also by EA, so I'm sure that 6 million copies will be around. :wink:

03-04-2006, 13:00
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