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06-02-2006, 04:21
Virgin Mobile USA will launch later this month a new service for its prepaid plan users called "SugarMama," which will let users earn airtime by viewing online or SMS-based ads, and then providing feedback to the advertiser.

For the launch of "SugarMama," Virgin Mobile has partnered with Microsoft's Xbox; Pepsi-Cola North America, initially featuring Diet Mountain Dew; and truth, the American Legacy Foundation's national youth smoking prevention campaign.

"We're always seeking opportunities to learn from our customers how we can deliver the best gaming experiences possible on Xbox 360," Director of Xbox Marketing Chris Di Cesare told Associated Press. "Virgin Mobile's SugarMama program provides us with a new way to drive consumer awareness yet gain valuable insight from our customers that helps us continually deliver new breakthroughs in gaming entertainment."

An Associated Press article stated that Virgin charges 25 cents per minute under its Minute2Minute plan so for a customer who watches the maximum number of ads per month (which is initially planned for 75), he/she could earn $18.75 in airtime minutes.


This is really awesome. MS is really doing what it takes.

01-10-2011, 08:29
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