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06-28-2006, 18:23
I have to admit this is best game (graphically) ive seen on the 360 so far , anyone else go it here ?

06-28-2006, 18:26
This is the Review section, and this really isn't a review.

06-28-2006, 18:27

Moto Gp 06 is what you would expect from the GP Season 06 and that bit more .

For those who follow the MOTO GP's this review is more of what you already know and you shouldn't be wasting your time reading this , but if your unsure about the whole concept of a Racing game being on Motorbikes and does MOTO GP pull it off then read on..................

I have played MOTO GP for about a week now and it offers something different to the 360 . You will start off by selecting your rider and bike ............. Simple you would think ? Well no . As MOTO GP like the others in the series lets u customize your bike and rider (desgining wise). The next two hours of your life will be spent in finding the perfect combination of colours and clip art to make Rossi him self look a rookie :lol:

MOTO GP 06 Has the old faithful system of making you complete a season before you can unlock features like "Street Racing" and other Riders/bikes etc...... Although this system is some what annoying it does force you to learn the skills needed to be able to truly enjoy the game .

The game play its self can be hard at first but once you master "staying on the track" you will breeze it . With all racing games now a days always making you find the "perfect line" ........... none is so true than in this game . If you mess up a corner you can truly knock off 10 seconds + to your time .

The Xbox live side to it still doesn't match up to the standards Halo 2 has set but it is one of the better games to be able to hook up on (better than GRAW "imo")

Its hard to describe the game play in its self to someone who has never played the MOTO GP series but just think of it as PGR 3 but + balance + More effort to stay on track = More fun to play

A very simple sum i know but i've owned and played them both and its the simplest way i can put it . There is also a downloadable demo of the MOTO GP 06 on the "market place" on the 360 . I would suggest you give it a go first as MOTO GP is the marmite of games .

Gameplay: 80/100 - Is extremely fun if you like this sort of thing
Graphics: 90/100 - Best I've seen on 360 so far that is
Value: 80/100 -If you either love the GP serves or have played the demo
Sound: 90/100 - you can even hear the gear changes on the chain clunk
Xbox Live: 75/100 - Not as good as Halo 2 MM system but getting there

= Overall 85%

http://img.tesco.com/pi/entertainment/MM/LF/680479_GS_L_F.jpg :lol: :wink:

12-04-2007, 11:32
I have to admit this is best game (graphically) ive seen on the 360 so far , anyone else go it here ?

The Graphic's are ok for this game, not the best....