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The Sith
03-12-2010, 07:32
3djuegos Preview: Two Worlds 2

http://m2.n4g.com/8/News/490000/490168_2_hs.jpg 3djuegos: Two Worlds was not the best [quote]role-playing game that has left this generation of consoles, but its makers have decided that the series can still give much of themselves in terms of quality, and since a few years ago (http://n4g.com/xbox360/NewsCom-490168.aspx?CT=1#Comments)]on the sequel . Better graphics (http://n4g.com/xbox360/NewsCom-490168.aspx?CT=1#Comments)the greater desire to polish the end result and many changes playable. TopWare Interactive promises to get serious. (http://n4g.com/xbox360/NewsCom-490168.aspx?CT=1#Comments)

03-12-2010, 08:12
You must be drunk or very very sleep deprived...

Formatting is all messed up. And where is the preview?