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The Sith
08-06-2010, 07:55
While relaxing early this morning, I found myself cruising around the XMB when I received a message regarding the Earthworm Jim HD full-game unlock from a user with the PSN id: [PSN]. Turns out this wasn’t an actual user, but apparently a new method Sony has implemented to communicate with the PlayStation Network at large. Do we have a hidden, new firmware addition on our hands? It appears so.
Yes, it looks like this notification did indeed come from the head honchos on the PlayStation Network, as a way to now communicate with the community directly, instead of relying on hear-say, websites and the PlayStation Blog. The message read as follows:

The issue related to the full game unlock for Earthworm Jim HD demo has been fixed. You can now purchase the full game from the demo.
Not only did I find this message, but an attachment. Normally, it is only possible to attach images in messages on the PSN, but this message contained an attachment that actually took me straight to the Earthworm Jim HD section in the PlayStation Store, pretty cool eh? We’ve gone ahead and included pics below for your viewing enjoyment.
You can see that the ability to add [PSN] as a friend or check it’s profile makes this legit. Also, I am not a PlayStation Plus member, which makes this even more interesting. Apparently, not everyone has received this message, so you may have to have downloaded the Earthworm Jim HD demo in order to receive said message. We’ll be sure to update everyone on this story as details become available.

They should do something better to display notifications and not text messages

08-06-2010, 15:30
I think that's pretty cool, tbh, Sith. That attachment is equally awesome. What other way can they get information across to you? I think messages are the obvious choice and it's a good idea.

Edit: Why is this in the PlayStation Home section?

08-06-2010, 16:36
I think this is a bad move on Sony's part. Sony (or any such company) has never used the network message system to communicate with you. Only spammers and those trying to get account information from you have. I don't think this is a wise move on Sony's part.

08-06-2010, 19:58
got a message this morning
at first i thought it was just spam

08-06-2010, 20:04
This is something PSN really needed. Good work, Sony.