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  1. The quality is ****, so I am gonna find a better place it upload it.
  2. thanks
  3. awesome now just an avy that goes with it
  4. just add THE

  5. Better?
  6. Alright, I'll have it done in a few.
  7. will the writing is not working for the sig
    so if u can remove it and write *the assassin* that would be great
    also an avy that would go with it
    THANKS again

  8. Any good?
  9. Yeah sorry bout taking soo long. Went snowboarding all day yesterday, and been helping my grandmother a lot.

    The pic you provided is not the kind I'm used to working with, and thus is why its not. I'll find some other pics, and have it done by tonight.
  10. where r we on the sig dude
    if the pic i provided is not good u can use watever u like.
  11. no problem dude tyt
  12. I am sorry that the sig making is taking soo long. I'm having trouble getting a good look out of the image you supplied.
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