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  1. Sounds AWESOME! =D
  2. Sorry. Had to do it like that as I went over the character limit for a VM!
  3. - Celebrations are much better. Instead of just running off to the edge of the pitch and it cut straight to a scene the player will do a finishing move type thing.
    - When the ball goes out of play say for a corner the camera will focus on a key player, it will show his stats (passing, shooting, goals etc depending on position) and the commentators will talk about that player.
    - Randomly during the game, two head to head players stats will appear discretely on the screen. So for me it compared Lampard & Xavi in passes complete and overall accuracy. It also displays how far they have run!
    - Player models and animations are much better all around.

    It's just really good and it's even better for me how City are now a 5 star team and have the best attacking Stat in the PL and therefore in England!
  4. Yeah. Key features for me:

    - movement feels smoother. Defenders can be more desperate which can mean clumsy looking challenges due to the better physics and animations.
    - Heading is now easier.
    - Scoring is harder, keepers seem much better.
    - When the ball is crossed to you, your player doesn't automatically 'ping' to under the ball, you have to move the player.
  5. =[ Making me want my PS3 now.
    I've heard very mixed reviews but I'm sure I'll love it. It'll be miles better than Pes anyway.
  6. Best. Football. Game. Ever.
  7. My PS3 YLOD'd, can't play the FIFA 11 demo until my new one arrives. I pre-ordered the 320gb Move bundle which is released friday but it's not getting dispatched until tomorrow so it could be next Monday I get my PS3.
    Let me know what it's like!
  8. Fifa 11 demo is out nao!!

    Go play it, I really like it!

    Check thread out in PS3 Games. It's on the US PSN!
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