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  1. Yeah, I've managed to complete Portal 2 100% and am currently playing through PoP: Forgotten Sands since PSN is down. Actually feels good being offline for once, weird as that may sound.

    Awesome news about the promotion, man, hope all works out well for you. And just remember, you may be leaving old friends but you're bound to make some new ones. And if you don't, just unleash your dogs on them, giggidy.

    Um, yeah, the little lass is fine. Growing up so fast its scary. Her birthday in three months, eep! Hah, not much going on in the women department - still single and whatnot. You?
  2. Lol, that chick was crazy.

    But yeah, doing well. I've actually been pretty great considering PSN is down I've beat my trophy addiction. Somehow something just snapped and I couldn't care less anymore. It's a really great feeling I got a promotion at my job and start at a new store on Sunday. Kinda nervous. And sad that I'm leaving the place I'm at now. I love everyone I work with. And now I have to be the new guy for a while.

    How you been? Hows the kid and stuff? Any women developments?
  3. First off, many lulz were had at the poster below. Thank you, kind sir.

    Secondly, how the devil are you, me old chum? It's been quite a while since we last spoke. It's a new world - but with the same old problems. Sorry, been playing some Medievil 2 in the absense of the PSN. Anyhoo, hows life?
  4. Finally got around to getting my pictures up so I just posted the specs in theRecently Purchased Picture thread.

    Good to hear about the ex. Never really had to deal with an ex so I can't imagine the tension in some situations. Good luck with the job. I've been lucky to be in a pretty invincible industry and have been in it since I was 15. Just kept moving up. Not really my favourite line of work, but it pays the bills.
  5. Woah, good stuff. What are the specs? Even if they ain't that good, you can't really complain - you got it for free after all, lucky git, haha.

    Um, yeah, I'm alright I guess. Had a bit of a crap day yesterday but I think we're OK now, she's talking to me at least. Just hope there aren't any serious repercussions to it, but I doubt there will be. The job hunt is a bit meh at the moment. Had an interview on Thursday at Debenhams (this huge store which sells everything) just waiting to hear back from 'em. Other than that, nothing.
  6. Doing well. Just got my new computer; working on setting it up. Got it for free from a program I've been collecting points for the last 3 years. Pretty excited.

    And you? Find anybody serious yet? Any word on the new job?
  7. Correcting a grammar Nazi? Oof, big mistake!

    Haha, just messin' with you. How you doing, buddy?
  8. Ha, you misunderstood me. I would say, "I bought McDonalds for my daughter", but you say, "I bought A McDonalds for my daughter". It just made me chuckle
  9. You be dissin' my parenting skills now, yo?
  10. Oh God, I remember that, that really was a long time ago, like the end of 2008. Jeez, has it really been that long since we last spoke properly? Anyway, we managed to get the item shipped direct from the company in the end, so all was good. IIRC, it was something for Anna-Lily.

    Sorry to hear about your grandma. It's never easy losing a loved one, I remember losing my grandma, hardest part of my life so far. If you need to talk, dude, I'm here. As for work, you're kidding right? It's so hard to find a job over here due to that recession still having an effect - ah well, I can keep on hoping. Other than that, everythings fine. It was Anna-Lilys birthday on 25th August, one year old already. it's crazy! Unfortunately, dunno if you've heard but the missus and I ain't together anymore so I'm limited to when/where I can see here.
  11. But of course! I live to serve! Yeah last time I remember was on PSN and you were gonna ship me something to ship to you. Whatever happened to that Doing okay. 96 year old Grandma passed away last week so I've got a funeral to deal with tomorrow. It was her time. Been buys with work. Maybe moving sometime soon. You?
  12. Meant to thank you for changing that pic the other day, lol, so kind of you.

    How're you doing anyway, man? Been ages since we last properly spoke.
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