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  1. haha yeah, you made me look it up.

    Ill find out how it is on the 22nd... i best not be angry!

    Or ill blame you!
  2. Judging by your facebook post and thread created on the SOCOM forums, I think you found out But yeah, pretty disappointing...
  3. what they change?
  4. You still gonna get SOCOM after all this crap they've changed?
  5. loser face, i got a question
  6. Would be AWESOME!

    Yeah, I moved out September 1st, got a new job, and going to school full time, so gaming was on hold... But I am getting more into it lately...
    Playing Mafia 2 and Kane and Lynch 2, Fifa 11 will eat many hours away from my life im sure...

    My roomate hates video games, so I have to play when she is sleeping or gone, so its perfect for late socom nights!
  7. Nice, Yeah SOCOM 4 would be good. I rarely see you online anymore, and when you are its playing Madden or Fifa or something. And I always see Lethal and joufie online playing their separate games. SOCOM 4 will bring us back together.
  8. You were

    Actually, I came back to look for an old sig, saw you were online, logged in, and contacted you...

    Missed you THAT much <3

    I want socom 4, so we can all be pals again
  9. Got unbanned 2 days after I was banned, it was a mistake... But I decided to leave the forums, need to deal with real life ****, grow up a little

    How you been mannnnnn, i miss you
  10. Holy ****!! You unbanned!! Hell yes!!
  11. Panssssen
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