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  1. Hows this?

  2. Yeah, I'll have that done soon.

    Glad you like it.
  3. Great work Kwes! Mind making a matching avatar for me my man?

  4. Thoughts? Yes, I can make another if you don't like this one, just give me something to work with.
  5. Great man. Thanks a bunch. And no worries on the time, I've waited much longer before.
  6. Yeah, sorry for taking so long, the sig is near done. So I should have it up sometime today.
  7. Any word on the request? No rush. I just always like to get a feel for when I might be able to expect something. Again, no rush.
  8. Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
  9. You know I've never been big with specifics, but I'm looking for an avatar and signature for Motorstorm: Apocalypse. Think you could work something up?
  10. What did you have in mind?
  11. Think you can handle a signature / avatar request for me?
  12. Thanks man

    Yeah, moved back into my DS spot.
  13. One week ago you were banned --- now you're on the DS. Quite a comeback. Glad to have you back.
  14. Yesterday.
  15. When did this happen?
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