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  1. I use Skype at work yeah. Don't really PC game anymore though.
  2. Hey man, do you have Skype or a Steam account?
  3. Ahhh. Well that's good to hear mate. Hmm, never heard of it. Yeah, we had a bit of a s***storm that was a'brewin', but it's gone. Quite nice see actually, I'm bit of a weather freak, so tornadoes are fun to see. You could always punch the people in the face who get all wet over it, problem solved lol. Really man? 73 is kinda chilly over here. I want to go to England for a bit and expierence the cold weather, damn this sweaty B.S.
  4. Nah just like my favourite games like on SNES, PS1, PC etc. I'm looking more forward to Ocarina of Time 3D than any game this year. Saw you got a lot of bad weather over the country, pretty bad. England is ok, mass hysteria about this ****ty Royal wedding and I don't give a flying **** about it. I mean really, it bugs me that people get so into this tripe, it's even spread to your side! I don't cope well in too hot weather 'Im struggling here and the hottest we had was 23 degrees 73 in your units.
  5. Good god, have you gone mad man?!?!?! Lol, kidding. You mean like old skool 80's games or what? It's fine actually, no hurricanes, haven't had any real weather issues over the past year. It's hot as hell though. lol. How's England?
  6. Hello young Sir. I'm ok thanks, think Im srsly growing out of gaming though. I only wanna play old games like remakes and stuff. Hows Florida?
  7. Hey man! Haven't talked to you in ages, how are you doing?
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