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  1. Suley! Dude, we need to find something we can talk on. Skype? Twitter?
  2. WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!! Missed you
  3. Hey Suley I miss ya.
  4. Yo pot brother, how's it going?
  5. yep.
  6. Fair enough
  7. no, I just assume while bearing in mind that i'm awesome.
  8. You got an IQ of 3000? :O
  9. studied yesterday, pwned the exam today. i must have the IQ of f***ing einstein.
    we had a "kangaroo maths competition" at skool and i just took part 4 teh lulz [almost everyone did] and i got a f***ing 2nd prize aww winning. IQ 3000
  10. I'm awesome at maths.. well I hate shapes though :/
  11. ok. gotta study for maths [i suck at the topic atm, NO interest.]
  12. the thing is though.. they're all ugly, well to me anyway Not hot enough for suleyy
  13. cool. ya got a gf yet? i don't. girls from our skool are either hawt and stupid or nice and not really hawt. (not hot enough for the DF lol.)
  14. the thing I haven't done is getting high.. oh and I still go to a boys skool.. which is next to a girls school
  15. lmaoo.. I haven't done it in timeee :/
  16. I went on it, but I still couldn't find it :/
  17. No :/
  18. That's good. U got the PM?
  19. PM me then! I do like creepy stuff
    Oh and I'm super at German, I got a B with no revision .. maybe not that 'super'. :/
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