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  1. Haha, don't worry man, we care too : D
  2. thanx bro! didn't expect anyone saying happy birthday on here, just on twitter
  3. Happy birthday! Have fun
  4. Haha yea. I love 'self-made doodles'
  5. oh yeah i like it! self-made doodles=win. and non-self made doodles too
    here's one i uploaded some timez ago:

    BTW I JUST FINISHED PORTAL 1!!!! the cake was awesome, yet a little lie.

    the song at the end was heart warming:
  6. ****ing LOL!

    Don't mind me. I'm just in need of some attention

    Like my new profile pic? It's not Rebecca Black.
  7. dude, you are mutating into ... annoying. LOL!
    some gay unicorn guy in your sig and rebecca black as your profile avatar...COME ON BRO!
  8. omg it's so great can't stop looking at it.
  9. I know right.
    your sigs are great!
  10. what's ikr? yeah sometimes i make sigs. i suck but they're quite ok.
  11. ikr?
    do you make your own sigs?
  12. yeah your sig is awesome and bright
  13. yea that's the one.
    well it's not what many people think. it's just that i think most colors look the same. for example:- to me:
    blue looks like purple and sometimes pink (vice versa)
    yellow looks like orange and green.
    red looks like brown.
    but i can see and recognise some types of red yellow and blue knowing that it's red, yellow and blue. for example i know that your name is in yellow but people in the design squad, i won't know cause i think they are SMC's.
    but long story short, i can see some colors but i can't recognise it. i don't even know the colors in my sig but i see that it's bright and i like it.

    kinda confusing but dw. not many people understand.
  14. what's it like being color blind?`what don't u see? we never learned stuff like that at skool
    i think it's this one:
  15. lol.
    you sure \have a lot of sigs to rotate. i'm color blind but it's like a blueish, purpleish, pinkish color and i think there's someone with an umbrella in it. it was the one that you had just before the spyro one.
  16. lol i have rotating sig bro, just gimme the link or describe it
  17. the one you have on now.
  18. which one?
  19. what a sexy sig .. thumbs up.
  20. ok lol that makes sense now.
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