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  1. thanks, appreciate it.
  2. refunded
  3. hai. when the icon shop was up i spent 2000 SP [i am quite sure] for 2 icons. can i get the SP refunded cuz the shop kinda got renewed. I don't mean the REALLY old one but the one before this one. Thanx man.
  4. it is really odd... i see no problems with your account.
  5. i think my PSU account was just deleted, it doesn't work :\
  6. ok man, lemme try and log into PSU now.
  7. also, your sub was up in July of 2010, so i disabled your sub access.
  8. as far as I can tell, you were never banned. there are no infractions on your account, nothing in admin cp, no trace of any sort of ban. so, IMO, you are on a clean slate.

    One thing though, if you WERE banned and there isn't a record of it, we have upped trolling infractions to 10 points. that means, 1st one is a week ban, 2nd 30 days, 3rd is permanent.

    I sent a password reset to you because we recently forced all members to get a new password due to a potential hack.
  9. hey dude i have a question: i was banned from PSU w/o being warned so here's 2 problems:
    1. I can't access my usercp since PSU was down.
    2. Can you unban me from PSU cuz I'll stop trolling.
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