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  1. I set you up for a fall moar liek
  2. Bitch please! You set it up!
  3. yay, I didnt want to meet you anwyay
  4. That hurts man.

    I'm cancelling our get together.
  5. its because you dont matter
  6. You used to be at list 8k.

    I thought for a moment that the ban thread posts counted. But my post count didn't change.
  7. what you mean? its always been that high

    I blame blacksite
  8. How did your post count fly up to 18k?
  9. Happy Birthday fellow banman.

  10. Thanks man.
  11. well, with your comments in that latest drama, I can see that you've improved massively thanks for persevering
  12. Well thank you, I can honestly say I have been trying to improve since my last 6 month ban.
  13. well you seem to have become something more than a stupid and annoying spammer, maybe even become a real member lol

  14. Not sure I follow..but thanks.
  15. for being mature
  16. For what?
  17. let me congratulate you
  18. Yeah, my bro suggested Javascript. I might just learn an actual launguage like..Spanish.
  19. not worth it, find a serious person's language if you want to program. Javascript's a useful one
  20. Naw man, I was just curious. I was thinking of taking a class on it since I'm free until next spring.
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