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  1. aye, I get away with all sorts of shit
  2. squirrel got a warning for that sort of behaviour...

    ...but I like you more so it's all good.
  3. congrats on the green, how unfortunate for the rest of us
  4. well duh, I wasn't allowed in before the reset either, and that was after I'd paid.
  5. I've PM'd you. Act on it.
  6. thanks, catfat
  7. It's your birthday today. Happy birthday.
  8. Ty :d
  9. well congrats on the blue, bell-end
  10. Hey thanks FB!
  11. congrats on blewnez mr nicefag
  12. I don't know mate! Coma has a idea, wether he will spill is another matter though.
  13. what did cat do? I dont actually know/remembner
  14. I now have that raptor as my wallpaper!
  15. I dont know about that.,..I usually just leave the default one

  16. If you had a Mac. That's how the desktop would look.
  17. You can now add Carocat. I reported the issue to Coma who changed her user group!
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