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  1. *Pokes*

    where are joo


  2. yay for that
  3. Aw you make me wanna *hugs* ya xD

    I'll be active this time <3
  4. no worries, you're awesome and I'm pretty fly indeed
  5. Hey! thanks for the welcome ^.^

    I'm glad to see you again~ Hope you're doing well. :]
  6. Welcome back Xraein great to see you back
  7. banned for I aint makin u no coffee gurl!
  8. *Pokes*

    Where's my Coffee boy?
  9. you going so soon? not even a coffee?
  10. o.o La la time to move out!

    *disappears into darkness*

    Ciao Ciao big boy! </3
  11. mmmmm for you, maybe I guess
  12. Mmmm umm yeeah ok? xD
  13. yes, so yeah...hmmmm...yeah
  14. That's a given. =P
  15. ajhhh, kewl....
  16. I thought we were playing hide and seek xD
  17. ahoi! wut u findin me for?
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