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  1. Hey CC. =)
    Nah bro. All the studying and preparing for university is kinda main priority now. Thanks for asking though. =)

    How've you been btw?
  2. Hey Cyk! How are your studies going? Been designing much lately?
  3. Happy birthday Cyk!
  4. No tuts anymore dude. I'm too lazy nowadays to follow them. Just random effects I put in to make it work.

    Thanks for the appreciation btw. Makes me feel good. I'm loving your new work btw. It's good to know that someone great has replaced the oldies of the DS. =P
  5. Mirin' your new work mate.
    You using tutorials or just experimenting with different effects?
  6. Cheers mate.
    I actually followed a tute to make the base of the sig, then just messed around with effect c4ds and adjustment layers. When I have some free time I'll do up a quick tute.
  7. Your entry for this week's SOTW just made me jizz.

    Could you make a tut for that? I would love to learn some of the effects.
  8. Sorry for not replying before, C. Been swamped as hell with work. Lots and lots of exams, assignments and other matters.

    Dammit, I missed a Freestyle. =(

    I come here mainly in my free time so I can see the LOL thread. Only thing that makes me laugh nowadays...
  9. Gonna enter this week's SOTW? Its a freestyle!
  10. Hows things Cyk? Your absence can only mean you're swamped with some form of study.
    If so, good luck mate.
  11. Aye Cyk, hows everything going with you? Back to sig making I see.

    You know whats up with FR? Seems like he's followed in Theft's footsteps and left.
  12. Wassup dude?
  13. Haha, I didn't mean it like that.

    I just blame the fact that alot of the members have other things going on in their lives. Most of them have been making sigs for quite a while now.
  14. So I guess I'm the one who has to be embarrased. DS died when I joined it..... hahaha
  15. True, I'm just glad it didn't happen the other way, like I join and then the DS dies. That would have been embarrassing
  16. Well, the DS was pretty much dead even when spyrde, kwesnoth and myself were allowed, if it's any consolation.
  17. Cheers Cyk! Just my luck that when I finally make it to DS, its pretty much dead
  18. Congrats on the promotion, dude! You surely deserve it! =)
  19. Technically I'm not a member, I just stop by while getting my manga fix
    Definitely some talented people over there though.
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