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  1. thanks tut, means a lot coming from you.
  2. Congrats on your promotion. Well deserved. Been a long time coming.
  3. Aight!
  4. AINT WATCHED it yet as i was watching the footie last night, but i will watch it tonight, so you can discuss it with me (BWE finale)
  5. Happy b-day, let's hope United go through for you!
  6. Thanks! Well a hooker maybe would be appropriate for the occasion I'll look into it!
  7. Yo, happy birthday Dan, have a good one bro, u gonna get a hooker?!
  8. So I made a thread in the feedback section about polls and other issues with managing threads, take a look

    Wanted to make sure you saw it since you implied that I should do one, push the staff on this one for me
  9. Shoot, you can't delete it? Better not having one then one that's not working properly.
  10. yeah, i cant remember how i did it before. i had cuguy, galv and xelis try it and they couldnt do anything with it other than edit........
  11. Wtf, you could earlier that's how you did it last time. I may do a thread about in the feedback section then, not that doing that has ever worked for me
  12. You can't, you can only create a poll while creating a new thread. You can't add a poll to an existing thread. (from another member of staff)

    u might wanna raise that as a thread tut!!!??
  13. got 4 members of staff trying to sort it, i dont think it can be done!!!

    still trying.....
  14. Sure!
  15. thats the issue im having atm, cant see and option to make a new poll....hang on!
  16. Small problem, the poll seems to be edited from the last one so people who voted can't vote again! Need to delete it and make a new one I think.
  17. Make it so then!
  18. whatever u wanna do son, just let me know......
  19. Got a new idea for a poll in the United thread. Maybe we could have "Lindegaard no.1 goalie?" And Yes, No as options. What do you think?
  20. How do you get the update to football manager so you get the new players, got the version for my Mac now!
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