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  1. Hmmm, you strike me as a Tom, hi Tom? =)
  2. Which one is your guess?
  3. You're gonna think I'm a creep but may I know your name? =).....your name is Tom!....*gasp* Jerry!?
  4. I looovee it!!!!
  5. Here it is. Tell me if you want another one or changes. I also edited your current avy....don't hit me! :O

  6. cool beans Thanks
  7. hmm...*snaps fingers* I got it! I'll show the sig tomorrow. G'night!
  8. Its not that important lol
  9. Ohhh stop it you

  10. I want it to match the "theme" hehe

  11. Yeah! you just wanted the little red ball on your sig? or am I allowed to go crazy?
  12. Do I still get a sig?
  13. nah, don't be. =)

    pizza ftw!
  14. I sorry (oh yeah that pizza looks amazing lol)
  15. Really? I don't remember seeing your pic. =(
  16. Already did before lad

  17. p.s. why don't you post your pic? I wanna see your face.
  18. You're doing it right
  19. Aww thanks
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