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  1. Awesome
  2. woohooo gonna add you tonite. got the beta yet? it's great, i have the [KZ3] Clan Tag!
  3. Sure mate. PSN is hyp3rstrike_
  4. haha thanks mate finally someone appreciates clan invites
    ya think you got some free space on your psn list? [i'll have to delete peeps lol]
    we could play some kz3 every now and then?!
  5. Aww thanks mate! I would join you, but I already have my own clan that I'm the leader of.

    But really, thanks for the invite. I don't get invited to clans all that often
  6. hey mate! the legendary [DF.] Killzone clan is revived for KZ3! please join in case you're gonna buy KZ3, we're very active and just have loads of fun together!
    [this is no spam, i send it to select people and you seem like you're a cool peep [aussie ] so i wanna invite ya!]
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