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  1. 2 days sounds fine to me.
  2. Man, you tied with Fon. My question to you is, how long do you want to keep the poll open for the tie breaker? I thought 2 days was enough but I wanna hear from you guys. (I asked the same thing to Fon)
  3. Thanks kwesnoth man.
  4. Happy Birthday Vb!

  5. Mine's doing just fine. But yeah, I do.
  6. You should get it fixed. A gamers' life is not complete without a ps3. :3
  7. Ahh.

    Yeah man, you should get on. They we can play together. My PS3 has been out of action for a good 6 months now. Just never got around to getting it fixed.
  8. Sorry, I don't have a 360 but I have it on ps3

    edit: but lately I've been thinking about getting a 360.
  9. You got MW2 on the 360?
  10. Yeah!!
  11. :O our names they looks beautiful
  12. We be purple again!
  13. I never mess with black magic.
  14. :O I think black magic had to do something with you not being able to see the sig
  15. Strange, When you post an image I can see it, but when I use I can't. Stupid ****ing proxy.
  16. =)
  17. Hey what do you use to upload your sigs?
  18. Well, as soon as Mr. B gets back on. Ask him if we can have our colors back.
  19. I used to post in the sub section and I had my purple color.
  20. Yeah, me too. But we'll have to stay gold for now. I would rather have my sub then lose it for the purple color as it would appear that is what would happen.
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