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  1. Just know I f**king love you, bro!
  2. Cheers bro.
  3. It was my cheap excuse to make a conversation to talk to you. Also, nice sig and avy, bro.
  4. The hell man?
  5. I would ride a donkey across the Sahara desert with no water, no food, no entertainment for a chance to touch your left buttcheek with my right eye ball. It's beyond obvious that you're the Sh!T!
  6. Ain't no argument there.

    And damn.
  7. Weird shizz is what I do best! : 500 visit MESSAGE!
  8. Some weird shit right there man.
  9. I was just messing with you,bro. I just wanted to see how you would respond. The sociology behind it and what not.
  10. The hell?
  11. Go out there and show em you like them more than us. That's what you talk about. Come and keep It real. The curtain is closing.
  12. That is a terrible pun.

    Many thanks man.
  13. I have some crappy ones, too. Anyways have fun, KWes.
  14. Ahh, a very easy letter to mistake.

    I too have some of my best thought whilst atop the toilet.
  15. I put a q instead of A G. Messaging you now
  16. Lol yeah. It's my favorite thinking spot. This is why I wanted to send it you. I usually put the wrong code in so I'll double check.
  17. lol Messaging on the toilet?

    Naw, you don't have to activate it, just make sure its 100% identical.

  18. When I get off the toilet, I'll get to the bottom of this.
    I'll message you in a few. I don't have to activate it, right? I just use Ps3 so i want to make sure.
  19. It says it isn't valid
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