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  1. Happy birthday Cuguy!
  2. I did steal a lot from cuguytesting.
  3. i figured i would be target #1. Plus, all the SP I have isn't "real" SP. I gave it to myself because I dole out prizes for SOTW and other stuff with it.
  4. Damn you for having theft protection on all that sp.

    I've robbed from every rich person here, just looking and being told every time that I can't steal from you is...annoying. lol
  5. Could you reply to the PM I sent you?

  6. Thanks man. Probably just one of the mods testing their power.
  7. I don't know what happened, but your display usergroup was set to default... no idea why.

    I changed it back to display your name in purple.
  8. Do you know what happened to my purple name? I'm back to yellow but still in the DS?
  9. Happy Birthday man!
  10. Thanks man.
  11. MC is on the DS
  12. If you don't mind, could you add MC to the DS when ever you get around to it.

  13. *dies a little on the inside*
  14. They did announce the winner on the homepage LOL

    Vale had the winning submission
  15. Every time I see your name as the newest poster in a thread having to do with the Vita I fly to it cause I think your announcing the winner.
  16. Hey man, could you change my usertitle to:


    The color code is:770000

  17. The color is 880000

    And yeah, it ain't changing for another month, as per the rules.
  18. what is the hex color... I will do this once, if it was really a mess up
  19. ...Seriously? I asked for that color originally but he did the brighter red on accident. Then you refuse to change it to the one I asked for the first time? Pretty sure the bold problem is gone though.
  20. Pretty sure Agriel told you that we aren't going to change the color of your usertitle at a whim. The rule is a user title change can be done every 30 days for subs, that includes color changes. I can check the bolded problem again, but until I hear from him, no color change for now. I am sure he asked me about the guidelines and said he was telling you no... so I want to touch base.
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