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  1. Happy birthday Lethal!!
  2. Thanks man!
  3. Congrats on making admin man..and as always, sexy avvy!
  4. I should have known!

    Thanks man
  5. Who is that woman in your avatar??! :
  6. Ya it was pretty damn sweet!!
  7. That collection of gifs was the best I could do for Ms. Underwood. But I have been looking for a collection her. But I struck gold with the collection I sent to you. lol
  8. Not unless you have a large collection of Sara Underwood lol
  9. Sorry man. I'm afraid I won't be able to top the last present.
  10. I am glad.

  11. Hell yeah it is man. I don't know why I don't get invited to these things.

  12. Enjoy.
  13. That is my dream come true!!!!! I need more!!!!

  14. A present for a friend.
  15. Thanks bro! 32 years young today!
  16. Happy Birthday man!
  17. Hey no problem man. Take your time.
  18. I've not forgotten about the sig.

    Just having a problem with PS, so getting everything back up has been a process.
  19. Thanks bro!
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