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  1. Alright, man, can't wait to see it.
  2. If it's too much bother, mate, don't worry about it. I'd really appreciate it if you did it though.
  3. Yeah, man, that's pretty cool. Any chance of injecting just a tiny bit more colour into it, though? Can use a different image of Robin if you want to make it easier. Other than that, it's perfect.
  4. So because I make one fucking joke about it, you decide to get all arsey about it, despite you knowing I'd never actually say something like that and mean it?
  5. Really? When it's only the first or second time I've made a joke about you and your sister. And x6teen having photos of my daughter is just a tad different to making a joke. Jesus, man, you are allowed some humour when you become a dad, ya know?
  6. It was a joke man, you may want to learn how to take one.
  7. Kwesnoth, y u dislyk me? =(
  8. Hey dude, I PM'd you the last sig.
  9. K. Which pic was it again?
  10. Just the one now, man. Then I'll send the SP and rep
  11. How many sigs do I got left?
  12. Yeah, dude, sorry for taking so long doing them, my weekend has been hectic to say the least. For instance, today we started at 4 AM, we climbed a mountain, went to 3 different skateparks at different locations, and then went to a restaurant. Just got back not to long ago.

    I'll try to get em done tonight, if not, then tomorrow.
  13. Any updates re: my signature(s)?
  14. Sorry bout that man, but real life trumps you wearing a graphic on a forum.

    I'll try to get it done soon. and why am I the only one being bugged there are 3 other DS members.
  15. Where's my goddamn signature!? ._.
  16. Hey man, hows the sub thread these days?
  17. Ahhh.
  18. I would but it says I have an malformed input.
  19. Hey man

    Could you get on the server, and help a miner out?
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