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  1. Hello!
  2. hey man
  3. Good. I'm on a new intense thing for the next 4 weeks though so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post.
  4. Hey T how's it going?
  5. Glory.
  6. morning
  7. Cheers T
  8. just posted on the man utd thread
  9. Yo. Why the hell do you have Tevez as avatar.
  10. hey
  11. Depends on how much you can hold I guess
  12. Ha ha maybe not, there is 6 of us though.
  13. With all that booze I doubt you will remember it
  14. Hope I can remember the game the next day. Just cracked open my first bud, I had a hearty breakfast though had a full fry up at the cafe down the road.
  15. Yes indeed!
  16. It's the big one today!!!
  17. Yo
  18. Hi
  19. Get your Man United XI in.....
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