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  1. Right, right. Then yes, we need a USP.
  2. Unique Selling Point :P
  3. *attempts to determine meaning of USP before replying*...

    I've got nothing. What's a USP?
  4. Yeah exactly! We need a USP
  5. I'd say it still has immense potential, though. We just need some form of innovation to give the place a proper re-birth, unlike the re-birth that was said to occur and took much longer and panned out to be much more problematic than intended. I'm not saying redesign the forums or anything like that, but we should explore ways to add something new to PSU that most other forums don't have.
  6. yeah same, that's why i stopped coming here as much. There used to be hundreds of people online at a time, now it is never that busy
  7. Oh, well great to have you back. My concern about the forums used to be that it was beginning to decline. In comparison to how the forums used to be, activity on the forums has dropped quite a bit. Nonetheless, I don't think PlayStation Universe will be something to die out anytime soon, regardless of things like that.
  8. Been a while for me too, i only came back on a few days ago )
  9. It's been awhile since I've been active, so to speak. Who's left?
  10. Haha. It's not that exciting any more. Most of the people that made it funny have left I subb'd as soon as i came back
  11. I'm doing alright. Just movin' on along. I need to subscribe again sometime soon, as it's been far too long since I've been in the Subscriber thread!
  12. Not too bad Schaff You?
  13. How's it going, Carl?
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