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  1. Don't leave us!
  2. a million cookies yum
  3. Likewise, altough I'd probably sell yours for a million.
  4. I'm loving your sig so much that I'm contemplating stealing it. D:<
  5. >:3 *takes sp and runs away*

    thanks, spy
  6. Donated most of my SP so you can pay those mofos who happen to win
  7. Dude, I rated that like 9 hours ago!
  8. Sure thing, Spy but later during the day...I have to go.

    p.s. there's a video waiting for your rating...just sayin' it's cool if you don't wanna post more videos up
  9. Congrats, you get to host the SOTWs for a while

    Go on ahead and post the ''theme & entry'' thread for SOTW #146!
  10. Post a music video
  11. Yeah sure, I'll PM it to you know.
  12. ready for that battle?
  13. I was just checking my profile and saw that little monkey. It made me --->lol
  14. That picture was amazing
  15. I haven't touched mine in like 2 months. I mean, i still play every other week but I don't think playing for 20 minutes is considered 'playing'.

    We are no longer kids, Spyrde dude...we are...

  16. Nah I haven't even touched my PS3 for months
  17. Brah! i haven't talked to you in like 4 Mondays. So did you get ssf4 or are you over the game?
  18. I'm happy to be back. I have to say..I missed you teh most. (In a non-weird kinda way) =)
  19. Glad to hear from you again man!
  20. Yeah man, I needed some time alone but I'm back to design and stuff. =D
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