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  1. Ah, ok. I'll try to make the sig tomorrow...but Friday is more likely, but I'll try tomorrow.
  2. Kindly escort yourself here Please and thank you.
  3. Happy B-day!
  4. Thank you so much.
  5. Congrats! :]
  6. Yess! xD
  7. Fine, I take it back. But only because you asked so nicely.
  8. I better be sorry?! Is there any way you can take that back? I'm asking nicely.
  9. You better be!!!
  10. Glad ya like it! but I changed it...again. Sorry about that :[
  11. Will do when I turn the ps3 on.
  12. My psn: "CAptain_Furry" add me?
  13. haha! will do.
  14. And this is a quote from Tribs!!

    Spread the word. I said I wouldn't post in the counting thread for 3 days after Bubano's last post.

    So the clock is counting.
    So help the counting.
  15. Damn you!! *shakes fist*

  16. That cookie of yours makes me so hungry all the time. DAMN YOU!!!!
  17. Thank you BoM =]
  18. Happy Birthday!!!!
  19. I was thinking about ordering something but I was wondering how long in advance I would have to order.
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