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  1. 'Course brah, it's only a matter of time :'D
  2. Yay! I can beat you up
  3. I'm sure you can
  4. Yeah? Well I bet I can kick both your asses...and thingy with my eyes tied behind my back.
  5. No problem. =DDDDDDDDDDDDD <--- smiley face
  6. Awesome bro, i'll definitely use those tips next time i make something. And that thing you made looks cool! Thanks for taking your time to help : )
  7. Alright for the lighting. After finishing the signature open a new layer and use the bucket tool to fill the entire canvas with white. Then go to Filters > Light and shadows > Lightning effect. Then go to the layer modes (ctrl+l) and select 'Divide' but there are other modes that work as well. Play around with the lighting to find the best lighting for the sig and there you go.

    p.s. I was playing around and made this funny looking thing. It needs some work but meh, good enough. I also used the above steps to create the lighting. (just an example)

  8. No worries man, no rush
  9. x6, the GIMP program I have installed in my laptop thinks it's a tough and stuff (it's not working) but tomorrow I'll make sure to kick it's digital ass to the moon and make it work. THEN I can help you out on the signature lighting. - Good day -

  10. A year went so fast
  11. Time flies man, time flies. Oh and thanks. =)
  12. I swear i said happy birthday to you couple months ago. if not, then happy late birthday
  13. sorry, i don't do requests
  14. D:< You are saying that my music is nothing but noise...I'm offended, NAO.
  15. ok.

    i'll will surely do it while listening to the "song" you posted earlier. i am not being sarcastic
  16. It's easy..just move around the mouse and click your selection like you usually do... while headbanging like this.

    It'll come natural to'll see. =)
  17. how can i head bang and make a signature at the same time?
  18. No problem. Believe it or not but another thing that helps me is listening to like this makes me a way.

    (Don't forget to headbang)

  19. noted, thanks man.
  20. Hmm...if that was my sig I would've showed more of his torso and then smudged alittle bit of the edges but not much. Then add a stadium in the background to add depth (blurred) know to make things more interesting. Adding a focal point to the Ronaldo's shoulder(s) wouldn't hurt. And finally I would slap on a couple of vertical c4ds for 2 reasons 1) to add flow 2) to bring everything together. That's my take on your signature.

    A couple of tips:

    Add more layers (c4ds, splatters, effects) and mess around with the modes
    Add gradient maps
    Proper lighting by using a soft circular brush (linear dodge or overlay)
    Use the blur tool
    Read/watch more tutorials....something that I'm still doing btw.
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