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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes mate!
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. gdgd, I guess I'l have to sub ASAP 4 ya'll then
  4. Yeah I'm doing fine. Nah not that much going on which is why we need you xD
  5. Yeah sure is thanks, how about you? And I missing much in the hot chica thread? ^^
  6. I hope so! Everything all right otherwise?
  7. I know mate! I've just got home from working away.. Hopefully I can get it sorted
  8. You need to re-sub, think about the hot girls thread
  9. Sleep can be a ***** sometimes for sure.
  10. Shame.. Wish I got a a bit of sleep. lol
  11. Yeah, just wished it would have been a longer sleep Nice work there.
  12. Morning Have a nice sleep? I never.
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