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  1. Alright thanks for informing me man, hope to see you see soon!
  2. Sorry man, Yeah I had my driving test and moving out from parents house so time is a little tight at the minute, I should be around soon..
  3. Hey dude, you haven't been too active lately in the DS but I remember you had something important going on right now and thats okay. Just let me know if you're not gonna be active for a while.
  4. Yep.
  5. yooo, you get my entry for SOTW brah?
  6. Thanks man ; )
  7. Love your new Sig pal, Very Naize!
  8. No Probleemoo dude, How are you?
    And that image ERC posted damn she looks like Mason Moore!
    But shes hotter^^
  9. Yey, thanks for the friend request ; )
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