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  1. Yay! Thanks mate!
  2. Purple looks good. =)
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes mate!
  4. Happy b-day!
  5. Why thank you.
  6. Thanx man!
    Returned the favor also
  7. Coo. I sent you rep, enjoy!
  8. lol yeah so it is!
    Emm some time last night, Around mid night lol..
  9. Wait a minute.. your name is yellow! when did you sub?
  10. Good, And Im great thanks..
    That ic is weird lol, begins to feel like it is moving ^^
  11. I'm doing good . You?

    Random pic I like.

  12. Hey man, How are u doing?
  13. Yeah same here lmao
  14. lol People tell me the exact same thing. I don't smile because my pic smiles look fake and creepy xD.

    But I can sure as hell smile with these
  15. Gdgd Sure is lol.
    I know before you say it, I need to smile more! Everyone tells me^^
  16. I'm doing alright . Is that you in the profile pic?
  17. Oh really never mind lol
    How you doing anyway?
  18. I beat you to it. *smiley with shades*
  19. Just browsing profiles and thought id drop you a friend request.
    Hope you dont mind
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