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  1. Thanks dude
  2. 150 x 120
  3. Yo, what are the dimensions of your avvy?
  4. Hey man, how do you use Fraps?
  5. Shoutbox closed for now. Too much spamming.

    I invited you to the Minecraft Chat, me Blacksite, and Jaeger were there.
  6. It said you invited me to some chat, but when I accepted nothing happened?
  7. K, doing it now.

    Yeah, man no problem. I support the stuff that I enjoy, and this server is great. So I support it.

    There you go. I'll bump you to Noble when I confirm the payment. Thanks for the money, honest, because it really does help.
  9. PM me you're Paypal username so I can send the funds.
  10. No, I do not have the map. Sorry.
  11. No no no, I mean the old map, from the original PSU server.

    When you helped design the walls of my fort and all.
  12. Which map do you mean? The PSU server has had three maps, and the only one you've played on, that I know of, is our current one. Not the temp, the current map. The one with the Ark and Bank.
  13. ?

    No, I mean, is there a way you can send me the file for the old PSU map.
  14. I'll upload the map if I can't get it working.
  15. hey, is there a way I could download the old minecraft map? The with my awesome fort in it?
  16. Dude, why aren't you answering my PMs?
  17. Hey man, can you get on the server now?
  18. Get on the server.
  19. Yeah, I built the outer wall to have more space of Mob-free building.

    Gonna expand it another 50 blocks or so to make room for the church.
  20. No, I haven't been on. Been busy with college and getting everything in my room set up. (too much stuff, too little space)

    I did see the outer wall you made in the MC thread though. Very nice. I'm assuming you were tired and getting mob-rap'd every time you stepped outside your door?
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