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  1. all thanks to you.
  2. ah look at you all dressed up n stuff. You're welcome.
  3. looks sick.. thanks
  4. Avatar

  5. no rush
  6. yeah sure the avy can come a bit later.. I'm eating right now.
  7. can you do something with my avy... match it up a bit with the signature?
  8. aaah shiieet.. looks sick.. Id rep you but im a noob lol and do we even have SP any more? thanks man.
  9. Here ya go man.

  10. preciated man.
  11. Alright sounds good.
  12. Oh alright well if you get a chance could you do a lil something for me... freestyle on some God of War **** .
    No rush..Take your time.. sub size.
  13. Yeah I still make sigs. The new PM feature is crappy on this site so I haven't checked em in a while.

    Let me know what you need.
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