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  1. I was just wondering if you could teach me how you do that splatter effect with your sigs to make them look like bubbling liquid metal.
  2. I was just wondering if you could teach me how you do that splatter effect with your sigs to make them look like bubbling liquid metal.
  3. Pretty damn good, only thing I can really criticize one is the quality around the focal render. Its a lil grainy, so you could maybe blur it a lil where it looks choppy.
  4. Hey, I was wondering if I could have your input on a sig I entered into a contest.

    What do you think?
  5. Well for lighting effects I use the largest soft fuzzy brush, and then I brush around with it on soft light. I brush around with black when I need darkness, and then I brush around with white where I need the light source. In that specific sig, I had the background separated from the render, and the BG had the light source coming from behind Bane, so I added the lightiing in the BG, then I did a new from visible and played around more with it on that layer. For blurring, it really depends, I'm still learning though, cause I've been using GIMP for less than a year now. I usually do some effects around the sig, then I do a slight blur, then I do more effects, and then I do a final blur (or then I dont blur my sigs at all). I always blur my backround to separate them from the renders though.
  6. Do you have any lighting and/or blurring tips? I really like the lighting and the blur in your current Bane sig (which for the longest time I thought was a Splatterhouse sig).
  7. Really like your style, and the simpilcity of it. Maybe some playing with the lighting effetcs could add something to the signature.
  8. Thanks. Well I haven't made anything in a good while, and I had to restore my laptop (meaning I lost all of my renders, brushes, fonts, and C4Ds), so I'm kind of starting from scratch, and I forgot a lot of things. Here's one I just made today. I'd love your critique:

  9. That's amazing! Yeah, I use GIMP, and I've gotten used to it now so I wont bother changing over to PS. I really love your work right there, and I really would like you to join our SOTWs. The best tip to making sigs is just experimenting and making signatures. Theres no real techinque of getting better, you need to test the borders of your photomanipulation tools and see what looks good. Diversity is key, which I actually have started to lack in my past sigs : D
  10. Thanks for the sig. If I recall correctly, you once told me you use GIMP. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else. Regardless, do you have any advice for a budding graphic designer? Here's one of my latest works:

    Any critique would be greatly appreciated!
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