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  1. don't know really what to say about your posting issue. i have zero mod, admin, anything power here.. they made sure of that. I can't look into it to see if i can spot an issue.. sorry man
  2. Cuguy, I need help. every time I go to post, it says I need to put one character. I can post on member's wall but It takes forever to reply if ever!
  3. Could you provide some insight on how "drop the ban hammer" works? I used it on Someone already. DO I get to use it once a week?
  4. I see. Can you do Silvy then? If it's too much then it'll be okay. Thanks for the replying.
  5. You sexy beast, may i ask a favor? Well, I'm doing it anyways. Can you edit my name a little? I just want it to say Silver. If you do this then you'll be the greatest person in the world.
  6. Well, that's a really good post and can argue with it but i'm gonna chose not to. Anyways, i'm not trying to get at you so i don't want you take it that way. I'm just arguing with your tactics.Anyways, i need a favor of you.I'll pm it.
  7. I trashed it because of two reasons... one I received complaints. Two, it crossed the line on decency. Asking people how often they crank one off is tasteless, and borderline erotic material. It just didn't need to be there. We have trashed the exact same topic in the past.

    The forums are NOT governed by the shelter of free speech. They are governed by the forum rules and policies as well as staff interpretation of posts. All staff here can delete or modify anything for any reason. Whether you think it or not, they are able to use their judgement, like me, to remove anything they see fit.

    I have no idea what you are talking about things being "all about the money" either... i have nothing to do with making money for PSU. All I do is help the community by encouraging competitions, try to improve site organization and features, and moderate the staff. I don't do advertising, or "make money" for the site.

    you have every right in the world to ask. No worries.
  8. What's the Hell, Cuguy? Why did you trash it? So flame wars are allow and we can argue over something as trivial as console sale numbers but we can't say anything about a normal human activity? (Masturbation) So i guess we put the ban hammer or freedom of speech, right? And humor? I did like the thread title change to. (Cute) No need to reply back because it's apparently obvious on what was done. I'm just flexing a muscle that's called freedom of speech but don't hit me with the ban hammer for it, okay. Lastly, your probably too busy to reply anyways because it's all about the money, right? I guess you descend every once in a while to flex your super powers on the little guys.
  9. I could kill you with a pop tart and a pillow.
  10. Yo, good work, Cuguy.
  11. I see. well, i'm glad there's alot of people that will help without pay, don't see it in the world too much
  12. Nope, not at all really.. lots of contributors, but as far as actual PSU employees, not that many
  13. Oh okay. there ain't alot of paid member then. that's all i wanted.
  14. if their username is in brown, then they are paid PSU staff. they are the only ones who are paid.

    everyone on forum staff, from me and down through SMC are not paid. Writers club members, not paid.
  15. Like wesmore for instance. He's just a psu club member? therefore he does not get paid?
  16. there are writers on staff, yes. but the writers in the PSU writers club are NOT staff, nor are they paid in any way. So pretty sure this wouldn't count as work experience, it would have to go in the area of a resume reserved for volunteer initiative
  17. Not all of writers are payed?
  18. If you became a paid member, then probably... as it stands, you could mark it as personal experience, but not work experience.
  19. Hey, could being a psu writer go on a resume?!
  20. You can look here to what i mean.
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