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  1. Thanks itachi man.
  2. Finally your 2 years old!
    Many happy returns of the day!
  3. You go Itachi!
  4. Oh snap! fapfapfapfap....faaaappppp...fappfap.
  5. Silver always did seem like a whore that would send nude pics to everyone...(my suspicions were right all along)
  6. Nah, don't believe Silver, in reality she's (that's right..SHE) is 26 years old. I have talked to her and seen nude pics of Silver. (Hawt btw)
  7. :O THe coolest?! Thanks, man
  8. Sure man go for it, and btw I always wanted to tell you that you have the coolest name on PSU
  9. Are you ok with me adding this quote under my sig? =)

    Quote Originally Posted by itachi73378 View Post
    40 all people care about is sex, thats why relationships tend to fall apart most of the time
  10. hehe thanks, man ^_^
  11. Holy crap EPIC sig!!!!
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