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  1. Oh okay. It was just a picture I took with someone. Thanks anyways, man. :P
  2. Not really, other than maybe try to sharpen it up. If its from an online source then put it in the google image search to find a better version
  3. I have a picture that's low quality. Is there anyways to upscale the quality of the photo?
  4. I thought the same thing at first. this has slow grown on me though.
  5. I like the original and orchestral versions better
  6. Have you heard this version?
  7. I'll give you the fact that most are not white. The greatest inventors are white and you know this.
  8. Not my fault white guys are too dumb to be engineers (racial joke)
  9. An engineer just adds to the joke! Well, at least you're smart.
  10. hardy har har
    I only know it because engineers are expected to know them
  11. I was messing around with It yesterday. It's pretty fun. Of course you would know how to do code. (racial joke)
  12. saw that video yesterday. I already know 3 types of coding
  13. Ps3 just got banned, too. He just messaged me and asked me.
  14. No, I already used both of mine.
  15. Did you ban me from the count thread? cuz if you did.....better learn to sleep with your eyes open punk!
  16. I agree with you. Most people go for the money and that's why they usually end of hating what they do. I couldn't see myself hating marine biology or computer science. I narrowed so many fields down.
  17. For me, I've never been confused about what I wanted to do. I always wonder how the hell the stuff around us worked and now I get to see how and its mind blowing.

    My only advice to anyone going to college/university is that if you are studying something you genuinely care about, than its a really great experience (not easy necessarily)
  18. Yeah, they say it takes another year usually. It beats going back years later because you wanted a new degree. The two for one is what attracts me. Also, i love the field that your going in.
  19. Computer science and Marine biology are vastly different fields of study so I can't imagine getting both degrees in 4 years. My mechanical engineering degree alone is 4 years + 1 optional year. All universities here in Canada have 4 year computer science programs
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