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Conversation Between Itachi and Thorzilla

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  1. You got it!
    It was given to me by one of my best friends while playing football when I was a little fatter since no one could go past me at the defensive line before the goal
  2. Hey man, I was wondering, is your name a hybrid of Thor and Godzilla?
  3. VII is amazing, but I think what plays a bigger role here in influencing people's opinion is the huge leap that took place from VI to VII. However, I think VIII is more well put together.
  4. I've heard mixed opinions about VIII, whereas VII is a legend
  5. FFVIII is better! (IMO)
  6. Which reminds me I have an online test due tonight (online). Doh!
  7. nothing...just procrastinating, need to study for 2 tests tomorrow
  8. Sup buddy!
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