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  1. his name is Tom "Kong" Watson and he came in with a monkey mask haha
  2. Lolwut?
  3. the guy was called ninja something haha and he got smashed by a british guy with an ape mask lmao
  4. Never heard that before.
  5. my dad watched this thing called bamma and the main fight was awesome the dudes knee was wracked
  6. I see. I'd watch Boxing if there was only like 5 rounds or something.
  7. read your into UFC so just wondering, im the opposite i cant watch UFC unless its a sick fight
  8. I like the Style of it but not the actual thing as in watching it.

    Why you ask?
  9. do you like boxing?
  10. Thanks man.
  11. Happy birthday mate
  12. Sweet i live in Tamarama so it would be a pretty boring place for water haters haha i also play soccer for my school and footy
  13. MMA, Bodybuilding, soccer (freestyling), basketball. Pretty much every sport except water sports. I have a lot of very bad experiences with water.
  14. what are you into?
  15. cool. I hate swimming x(
  16. I swim i gotto get up at 6 it sucks when its cold
  17. Training? What do you play?
  18. yea had numeracy and it sucked but atlest i had a half day thanks to traning
  19. Doing NAPLAN aye?
  20. awesome
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