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  1. Hey man ,

    Ive noticed you play BFBC2. Im from We are a BFBC franchise based website. There are about 35+ counting, some from the M.A.C clan , others from other clans etc . We all play together roughly in or around the same age 18-50. You, going by your pitcure fit into our category . Our website has been up and running since the start of April. Because we have all been playing together for the past 2 years now and wanted a place where we could go to chat, hang out , post info and loads of other things other than PSN.

    We all have mics and have a great laugh playing. 99% of us are on every night especially on BFBC2. So if your still looking for people to hang out with while poppin heads and kickin *** let us know or add me on psn ( Silent-Lucidity) and i can drag you along to one of your games and see what you think.

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