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  1. don't delete it
  2. So should i delete the friend request, or can you accept it from your psp?
  3. and i registered on my PSP
  4. it exists because i have a PSP
  5. I think you do because that id exists. Unless it is someone elses.
  6. the trouble is... i don't have a PS3
  7. On PSN. You know. PS3 online.
  8. what request
  9. what
  10. Thanx, i just sent you a request.
  11. Ramble-Bamble
  12. Hey, uh what is your psn ID?
  13. i know
  14. That my friend...sounds boring.
  15. i just want to leave it that way
  16. nothing
  17. Whats your theme, naruto?
  18. i know
  19. Dont worry about it, hey did you know that you can cusomize your gmail page to anything you want. My theme is Lakers.
  20. i didn't mean to
    i thought you were offending me
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