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  1. Happy Birthady Jeff!

    You're exactly two times older than me old man.
  2. Did you see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2?
  3. Both i guess.
  4. in real life or video games?
  5. What games do you play?
  6. You like basketball?
  7. nah, i'm in the uk/work evening shifts in a couple of bars
  8. Do you work morning shift or something?
  9. Thanx, and i was kidding bro. Just had to mess with you. Cya later.
  10. oh god, i give up! i can't take expressing myself through text anymore! what i meant was you're smart. there you go. i'm going to bed, work in 4 hours
  11. exactly
  12. no, uncanny means GOOD!
  13. Yeah, thanx for the rep. And your right i am terrible at knowing what people are saying!
  14. you have an uncanny grasp of what people are actually saying/typing. i'd rep you, but i think i already did.
  15. I dont think he has a point, lol, i just think that he is trying to mock you.
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