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  1. Nice, not exactly my kind of music.
  2. I''m thinking about picking that up pretty soon.

    Worth it?
  3. I have Black Ops for PC ^_^
  4. Hey man, I hear that you got COD5, you want to do co-op someday?
  5. Could you sprinkle some of your infinite wisdom here?

    I could really use your help.

  6. Hey, who doesn't.
  7. I want the love! lol

  8. Taint nothing wrong with women, and fast sex. Nothing at all.
  9. I am living in a dystopia of beautiful women and fast sex. No love here, though. No love. lol
  10. Ohh no complaints here man,

    How you been?
  11. How ya been?
  12. Hey man, long time no see.
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